The Search for the Unicorn

Jun 26 2020
by venus100

So your partner and you are in the swinger lifestyle, and you want to find a single woman to join your party. To those in the know, this is called a unicorn. Why? Because a single woman in the lifestyle is a rare commodity, if it exists at all – much like a unicorn. So how do you go about finding that elusive female who will be interested in the two of you? After all, it’s challenging enough to find interest in one person, let alone two. So let’s give you some hints.

Check Out Online Meeting Sites

Online swingers sites, such as, have men, women, and couples signed up as members. And each member is able to share what he / she / they are looking for, making it easier to find that single female. Another option online is, but be wary because you may find some “professionals” on that site.

Visit Events and Swingers Clubs

Although it doesn’t happen all the time, single women do attend swingers events and visit clubs or house parties, so it’s a possibility to meet your unicorn here. Remember that a new single woman in the scene can be easily overwhelmed, so use caution. It’s always best to have the female half of your couple approach first and then take on introducing the male half.

Ask Your Friends

Okay, this won’t work itself into the casual water-cooler conversation, but there are times when it comes up that your single female friend is interested in experimenting. (Naturally, this often happens over a few glasses of wine.) Don’t be afraid to drop a few hints when the time is right; you may find yourself changing your friendship a bit!

Although unicorns are exceptionally rare, it is possible to find one. And remember that you might find your “single” female as part of a couple, since swingers sometimes play separately as well as together.

Have you found your unicorn? Tell us about it in the comments!