May 15 2020
by venus100

Learn how wife sharing gives you a better marriage. Wife sharing otherwise commonly known as swinging or spouse swapping refers to the exchange of partners for sexual favors between consenting couples. This can take place in a number of contexts; it may be through spontaneous sexual behavior involving partners in an informal setting or can be in a planned set up where couples or friends agree to exchange their wives for sex. The essence of wife sharing is to derive enjoyment and fun for all parties involved in this activity. There are a variety of reasons why people choose to share their wives with their friends; many people cite the increased quantity, quality and the frequency of sex.

Wife sharing can help to spice up your marriage; it allows you and your wife to explore new sexuality in a way that is usually unacceptable in a traditional society. Many people love the new experience of seeing their wife getting turned on by other men, hearing her moaning and groaning with ecstasy is a real turn on for some men. Wife sharing also helps both the partners to explore their sexual interests and add a variety of interesting sex acts into their conventional sex lives. Some couples view this as a healthy way of strengthening their relationships as this allows them the opportunity to build trust and commitment towards each other.

It is also a great way of enjoying sex from an unusual partner, this change is more arousing and one’s sexual needs are met. Besides, a high level of security and trust is enhanced between partners who consent to swap or exchange their wives. This is so because each partner’s sexual needs are satisfied and hence the likelihood of cheating is minimized. It is also a way of bi-curious couples to explore their sexual potentials bisexuality without having to resolve into lesbianism or being gay. It is important to note that wife exchange does not generally follow any set down rules; it depends entirely on the partners to set the boundaries and limitations.